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Electric Bicycle or Motorcycle: Which Is Best?

Is it true that electric bicycles are better than motorcycles? Which of the two options should I pick?

Motorcycles are ideal for commuting, travel, and even racing. Electric bikes are becoming more popular than traditional bikes. They provide similar benefits without noise, pollution, or gas consumption.

Both types of vehicles have advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading if you want to find the best option for you.

Comparison Between A Motorcycle And An Electric Bike

It can be hard if you don’t know what to look for while deciding between a motorcycle and an electric bicycle. Here are five key points to consider when making your decision.

Electric Bicycle VS Motorcycle

What are their legal requirements?

To avoid getting in trouble with the law, find out whether there are any legal requirements for the two.

Motorcycle legal requirements

To ride a motorcycle in most states, you must have a valid driver’s license. You need to know which class a motorcycle belongs to based on the cylinder type and capacity. You should also register your motorcycle.


According to the law, anyone riding a motorcycle must wear a protective helmet. Protective helmets must bear a label affixed by the manufacturer.


You must wear visual protection when riding in places where the speed limit exceeds 50 km/h. If your helmet doesn’t have a visor, that is. Eye goggles are the most advised form of eye protection.

You should have reflectors on motorcycles. On either side of the motorcycle, make sure you mount amber side reflectors toward the front. Place a red reflector in the back, on the vertical centerline. Place red reflectors on both sides of the motorcycle, facing the back.

Electric bicycle legal requirements

Most states seem to have different legal requirements. We’ll go through the most common four, regardless of where you live.


The state you live in has laws that state whether you need a license to ride an electric bicycle. While in other states the local authorities insist a license is a must. Even though the national state has stated otherwise.


States will also have regulations stating the wattage or speed permitted. The best thing is to familiarise yourself with what the state you’re residing in requires.


Another legal condition that varies by the state is the age rule. The majority of states have set an age limit of 12-16 years.


Most states demand that everyone riding an electric bike wear a helmet. In other states, helmets are only made compulsory for teenagers and children.

What Kind Of Motor Do They Use for power?

A motor propels your electric bicycles and motorbikes. Let us look at what kind of motors the two use.

Motorcycle legal requirements

Motorcycles have various motors. Let’s have a look at the many types of engines:

  • Inline engines: Inline engines have four or six cylinders in a single-cylinder block. Inline six are more powerful than inline-four. These engines are more popular in high-performance motorcycles.
  • Parallel Twin: Two cylinders attached to the same cylinder block in the engine. As a result, they work side by side. More prevalent in everyday motorcycles.
  • Electric engine: Here, the engine uses electric power instead of fossil fuels.
  • Single-cylinder engine: This type of engine uses one cylinder. The engine’s power is usually dependent on the number of cylinders.

V-Twin or L-Twin engines: The engine consists of two cylinders arranged at an angle to form a “V” or “L” shape. But the two cylinders are in separate blocks. The placement increases the power and size of the engine.

Electric bicycle legal requirements

To ride your electric bicycle well, you need to choose one with a suitable motor. There are five different electric bicycle motors highlighted below:

  • Direct drive hub motors- The motor shaft serves as the rear axle in this type of motor. The motor (hub) spins around it as the shaft can’t move, propelling you forward.
  • Friction motors: The bolt-on motor drives a little wheel that contacts the tire. The tires spin as the motor wheel rotates, powering you forward.
  • Mid-drives motors: The electric bike’s motors are between the cranks. The motor spins a shaft linked to the chainring. The motor supplements your cycling.
  • Geared hub motors: The motor’s hub houses an electric motor that spins fast.
  • DIY motor systems: If you have the technical knowledge, you can attach a mid-drive motor or a hub motor to any bike.

Is There A Legal Speed?

Every vehicle on the road has a legal speed limit; find out what the law says in your state.

  • Motorcycle speed limit:

For all vehicles on the road, most states have posted speed limits. The legal speed limits for vehicles and motorcycles are the same. The speed limits are set based on traffic and the condition of the road.

Most states have imposed a speed limit of 80 mph on the rural motorway. The speed limit on highways is 70 mph.

  • Electric bicycle speed limit: 

When riding an electric bicycle with a motor assist, the speed allowed in most states is 20 mph. You can go at higher speeds without the use of a motor.

Off-road riding allows you to go faster than the speed limit. Some high-powered electric bikes with top speeds over 20 mph are suitable for off-road use.

How Do You Maintain Them?

Your electric bicycle or motorcycle should be well maintained if you want it to last longer. Let’s take a look at how much maintenance each one requires.

Motorcycle legal requirements

If you prefer to do it yourself, keeping your motorcycle in great condition can be a challenge. It is not difficult to learn, particularly if you want to save some money. 


Read the owner’s manual and understand if you want to do the maintenance yourself.


  • To avoid overheating, corroding, or freezing, you should replace the coolant. Drain the old coolant first, then add the required amount of new coolant. Maintain the level specified in the owner’s manual at all times.
  • Changing an oil filter is another simple task that you can do on your own. A clogged oil filter will reduce the performance of your motorcycle. Replace the oil filter after removing the gas tank and other components. After that, you may reinstall everything.
  • Modern motorcycles use O-rings which do not need frequent cleaning. The owner’s manual will walk you through cleaning the chain if it becomes dirty. Don’t forget to oil the chain as well.
  • You should check your tyre pressure and tread on a regular basis. There is a small rubber knob in the tire’s grooves that indicates how worn your tire is. When the knob of your tire is at the same level as the rubber on the road, you know it’s time to replace it.
  • To maintain your motorcycle’s engine operating, you must change the oil. Your owner’s manual should tell you how often you should replace your oil. Remember to use the correct type of motorcycle oil, and to replace the oil fill cap.

Electric bicycle legal requirements

It’s as simple to maintain an electric bicycle as it is to maintain a standard one. Yet, some components of the electric bicycle wear out much faster.

If you want your electric bicycle to last a long time, it should be well maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining your electric bicycle:

  • Keep your electric bicycle clean always: The drive train should be clean. You can learn more about this by clicking here. how to clean a bike chain.
  • Frequent lubrication: You should lubricate the electric bicycle chains often. Apply quality oil to your electric bicycle chains to ensure smooth transmission.
  • Check the tire pressures: You need to make sure your tires don’t have low pressure. Tyres with low pressure reduce how your electric bicycle performs. Those with excessive pressure do not grip well and are uncomfortable when riding.
  • Check other parts often: You need to replace parts that have worn out. You should tighten the axles and bolts according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Can You Use Them For Exercise?

Some argue that you can’t use motorcycles and electric bicycles for exercising. Let us see if it is possible.

  • Using your electric bicycle for exercise:

The majority of the people believe that having a motor and a battery on an electric bicycle is not exercise. But, those who ride electric bicycles state that they are able to ride for longer distances. They can also manage to ride for longer periods.

Electric bicycles provide fitness benefits for experienced riders. Plus those who prefer not to ride a traditional bike. Many people with health issues have claimed that they can ride electric bicycles. 

  • Using your motorcycle for exercise:

Lifting a motorcycle off the stand allows you to perform low-impact exercises. To get the motorcycle out of the parking space, you’ll need to use your legs to paddle it around.

When riding a motorcycle on the road all your thought processes need to be alert to make quick decisions. Neuroscientists have indicated that motorcycle riding is one way of combating stress.


After reading this article, you can decide whether to buy a motorcycle or an electric bicycle. Choose one based on what you need.


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