How To Maintain E-Bike Battery

How To Maintain E-Bike Battery

Your battery is the life of your E-bike. If you don’t believe that, imagine the kind of riding you’ll have with a malfunctioning battery. Taking care of your E-bike battery well can make it last for a longer time.

Batteries are very expensive to replace. Make sure to take the necessary steps to take care of the battery. Avoid doing things that can shorten the life of your battery. When your battery becomes damaged completely it needs replacing. That means that you will have to spend extra money on your E-bike.

At some point, even the best of batteries will stop working, but taking good care of it can make it last a bit longer. If you wonder how to maintain your battery, look at what we have highlighted below.

How To Maintain Your E-Bike Battery

Prolonging the life of your battery is easy only if you know how to take care of your battery. The following are some of the things you can do to ensure your  E-bike battery does not develop problems.

Check The Battery Storage Temperatures

Battery Storage Temperatures

Your battery will last longer if you store it in the best temperature conditions. The room in which you choose to store your battery should have a temperature of   45 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything below or above that range will be too hot or cold for your battery.

Charge your battery at room temperature to avoid damage. When riding in freezing temperatures, the battery needs Battery thermal protection covers. Put your battery in your E-bike a few minutes before riding off during cold temperatures.

When the sun is hot, and you need to leave your E-bike outside, remove the battery and carry it inside. Avoid leaving your E-bike’s battery in direct sunlight.

When trying to transport your E-Bike, remove the battery. Batteries are sensitive, and any drop can damage them.

Be Careful With The Charge Level

Avoid charging your battery to 100% if you won’t be using it for a while. The ideal charge level as you store your battery should be 85%. A full charge will stress your battery. You can imagine the feeling you get when you have overeaten and proceed to lie to your coach immediately.

For the same reason, don’t let your battery discharge to zero. It can be hard on the battery to always recharge from 0 every time. Now, if you are not using your battery often, it would be good to keep on checking its charge levels.

Sitting and waiting for your battery to charge to the required level is not easy for you. As you may have other things to do, consider a light timer Timer. If you follow your user’s manual, it should give the best levels to charge and maintain your battery.

Do not leave your battery pack in charge for very long. The standard charging time for your battery is usually two hours to reach 80%. You may not notice the damage to the battery immediately. But in the long term, the capacity of your battery will start degrading.

Choose The Appropriate Riding Mode

When choosing your riding mode, choose the one that doesn’t put a heavy load on your battery. Avoid straining the E-bikes motor, as the more you strain it, the faster it drains the battery.

Use your E-bike motor well. Riding at full speed will drain your battery fast. If you want to increase the lifetime of your battery, go easy on the motor.

When going downhill or on level terrain, you can use the pedal assist, giving your motor a break. The motor stops putting more pressure on the battery.

Another thing to consider is that the heavier your E-Bike is carrying, the more the demand on the battery. While you may not do much as the rider, don’t carry unnecessary weights. Check the optimal weight for your E-bike and avoid carrying above that.

Maintain The Rest Of The E-Bike Components

It’s also essential to ensure that your battery is only doing what it’s expected to do. When the other E-bike components are not working as they should, your battery strains to try to fill the gap.

Maintaining your E-bike on a regular basis removes the strain from the E-bike. After 2-3 weeks, you should ensure you clean and lubricate the bike’s chain.

The E-bikes tires should have the correct level of pressure. Check the tire’s side to see the recommended pressure by the manufacturer. The low pressure in the tire will demand a lot from your legs and your battery when riding your E-Bike.

Avoid jet-washing your E-battery bike or motor when cleaning it. The best method is to take your battery out and clean it without water. When you jet wash your battery, you’ll have a hard time drying them. If they don’t dry completely your battery will get rust and corrosion.

How To Identify That Your E-Bike Battery Has A Problem

Your E-Bike has many components, and it may be hard to identify which part has a problem.

Here are a few ways you can know that your E-Bike battery has a problem.

  1. If you notice that your E-bike battery is swelling, then one or more of its Lithium cells has a problem. If it’s a flat pack, then it’s damaged.
  2. When charging your battery and not charging, a fuse has blown or a short circuit. Remove the battery from the bike and try to charge it again. If it still doesn’t charge, it has a problem, but if it charges, your bike is the one with a problem.
  3. Your E-Bike battery should take you for quite a distance before discharging. When you notice that your e-bike battery is out of charge, check the wiring, battery, or motor to see if there is a problem. Confirm whether you are charging the battery to 100 %.


Owning an E-Bike is a commendable thing. It’s not expensive to buy and maintain. To have many days of a worry-free ride, ensure you take care of its battery.

Luckily, we have given you all the tips on how you can maintain your E-Bike battery. Keeping your battery in a good condition is not hard. When done well it will often save you from replacing it, which is an expensive affair.


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