Best-Selling E-Bike on Crowdfunding 2021-2022

Headquarters Location:Hongkong, China


CEO:Owen Zhang

Founders:Owen Zhang


Urtopia Product

Urtopia Carbon E-Bike

Urtopia Carbon E-Bike

  • Smartbar tech incorporating AI voice control, fingerprint unlock, eSIM card, dot-matrix display, built in Bluetooth, WiFi, and 4G modules
  • Customized rear-drive motor
  • Customized hydraulic disc brakes
  • Anti-theft tracking system
  • Low-maintenance carbon belt
  • Millimeter wave radar


Urtopia Market

United States


Top 10 Questions about Urtopia

Urtopia bikes are manufactured in China

Owen Zhang is the founder and president of Urtopia Bikes. 

Urtopia are best selling Ebike on crowdfunding 2021-2022 and reported by media-cyclingnews, engadget,tnw, Forbes, ntv, efahrer.com

Customized rear hub, 36 V 250 W (rated), 35 N⋅m

The frame, fork, seatpost and handlebar are all made of carbon fiber, making the Urtopia a super lightweight 30-pound (14 kg) e-bike. An average girl can carry it upstairs without much effort!

The estimated travelling distance in Eco mode after a full charge is approximately 80 miles (130 km).

  • Most developed countries have strict speed limits on e-bikes for public roads. The speed reachable by motors more powerful than 250W is more than the 20 mph (32km/h) limit for most countries. As Urtopia is designed for an urban setting, more power doesn’t mean more use.
  • For a motor, size and weight increase along with power at a higher rate, and the accompanying battery needs to have more capacity and hence more weight. Thus, a more powerful motor significantly increases the overall weight of an e-bike. You can hardly pedal back home when a 750W 30kg e-bike runs out of battery.
  • More powerful motors and batteries cost so much more. Period.

Yes. Urtopia e-bike uses standard bike pedals which are replaceable.

Urtopia is equipped with a front and rear hydraulic disc brake system, which are more reliable than rim brakes, or v-brakes, providing a safer riding experience.