Headquarters Location:California,United States


CEO:Kevin Dugger

Founders:Kevin Dugger


US Market(Continental US)

Top 10 Questions about Ride1UP

The best electric bikes from Ride1UP for every kind of ride
#ModelBest for
1500 SeriesBest for touring
2700 SeriesMost versatile
3Core-5Best for beginners
4Roadster v2Best for urban commutes
What is so special about this e-bike is that it’s packing a Brose TF Sprinter mid-drive motor. That’s why the Ride1UP Prodigy is a powerful, lightweight Class-3 bike, and it sports a top speed of 28 mph, like all bikes in this class.
It has already made its mark in the industry due to that mix alone. Ride1Up considers San Diego, California, as the base of its operations, founded there by Kevin Dugger in 2018.

Is my eBike waterproof? The short answer is no, electric bikes and nearly all other e-mobility devices are not waterproof, they are water resistant.

Kevin Dugger – Founder

Ride1UP is a new e-bike company established in 2019, trying to snag a piece of the electric cake by doing things differently. In a very short time frame, Ride1UP has established itself as one of the leaders in the budget e-bike category.

Like many mid-drive electric bikes the Prodigy does not have a throttle. Paired with the Brose TF Sprinter motor is a 36 V 14ah Phylion BN21 using Samsung Cells, and a smart BMS (battery management system).


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