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Introducing Huffy, the brand that’s been pedaling its way into the hearts of riders for over 125 years! With a legacy that spans generations, Huffy has been synonymous with fun, adventure, and two-wheeled excitement. From classic cruisers to cutting-edge electric bikes, Huffy has something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just getting started. With their commitment to quality, durability, and affordability, Huffy is the brand that delivers the joy of riding, one pedal stroke at a time. So buckle up your helmet, hop on your Huffy, and let the good times roll! Get ready to ride in style, with a brand that’s been leading the pack since the bicycle was invented. Say hello to Huffy, and get ready to ride like never before!

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Top 10 Questions about Aventon

This Aventon bikes review found out that their models are manufactured in China in their own factory. Further assembly and inspections are conducted at the Aventon bikes headquarters in California.

Jianwei Zhang is the founder and president of Aventón Bikes. Augusto Peraza III, co-founder, is a Los Angeles native with an innovative vision and experience on the streets as a veteran of Wolfpack Hustle as well as on the race track.

Aventon was born in 2012 with a small delivery van and a single-roomed warehouse office. Our mission is to provide superior quality performance bicycles and components. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Aventon Bicycles continues shake the industry with innovation & design with passionate and creative team members.

The Aventon Level Step-Thru is an eye-catching e-bike with great lines and excellent battery integration. Beyond its good looks, this bike has an excellent ride quality with responsive handling along with a suspension fork and high volume tires to smooth over the rough stuff.

Aventon Level Commuter features a 500-watt (750-watt peak) motor that provides more than enough power even for seasoned riders. The brushless hub motor is rated at 50 N/m of torque which is delivered almost instantly via the cadence sensor.

We recommend charging the battery off the bike indoors, in moderate temperature conditions. To charge the battery, plug the charger into the charging port and then connect the charger to a wall outlet. The LED indicator light will be red when charging and will turn green when charging is complete.

The batteries on our electric bikes can handle up to 800 charges or as many as 32,000 miles of use before the performance starts to degrade. And “degrade” simply means you’ll still be able to use the battery––it just won’t provide the same consistent range as before.

Aventon ebikes are built to the IPX4 water-resistant standard. IPX4 means that your bike is resistant to water splashes from any direction. Which means it’s OK to ride or park your ebike in the rain.

A lithium ion ebike battery that is fully depleted will take 3.5 to 6 hours to recharge.

To enable walk mode, first come to a complete stop and stand next to the bike. Press and hold the down arrow on the controls for 3 seconds. The bike will move forward at 3.5 MPH / 6 KPH as long as you hold the down arrow. The display features a backlight for riding in low light.