Electric Bicycle VS Regular Bicycle

Electric Bicycle
Regular Bicycle


Electric bicycle becomes famous.Many people may be confused that what differences the electric bicyle and regular bicyle are.Below are what we compare them- electric bicycle vs regular bicycle.What is rational is actual and what is actual is rational.Choose what you need,that is enough.

Product Overview

We compare the electric bicycle with regular bicycle with price,appearance,maintence & repairs,riding experience,speed,and rules & regulations.

Electric Bicycle VS Regular Bicycle

  • Electric Bicycle
  • Regular Bicycle
Electric BicycleRegular Bicycle
PriceElectric Bicycle is more expensive compared to regular bicycle with the same material frame.The motor and batteries for electric bicycle are expensive. Regular bicycle is cheaper
AppearanceThere are many creative design for electric bicyle.Some electric bicycle is much difference from the regular bicycleMost of the regular bicycle is like the one we rided 20 years ago.The traditional design is verified by users and time.
Maintence & RepairsEasy to Maintence
Hard to Repair(For Motor and Batteries the local support is very improtant,or there will be high cost for shipping)
Easy to Maintence
Easy to Repair
Riding ExperienceSave your energy
Longer Distant
Less Time Consuming
Less Sweat
SpeedDifferent countries has different regulations for the speeds.Factories have to produce the product based on the regulaion.You can easily ride with 20mph.It depends on your skill on cycling.The majority of riders can average a speed of about 15 mph on a one hour ride.
Rules & RegulationsFor most of the countries rules & regulations are the same to the regular bicycle.-
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Both kinds of bicycle have their audience. You can choose based on your objection.

If you have enough energy and doesn’t care about the sweat,the regular bicycle is better for you.But if you think it may be tough for you to ride the detination you want to be,choose electric bicyle.Of course you need to be pay a little more than the regular bicycle


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